Fully Integrated Team


Who We Are

  A talented and passionate team of professionals that are dedicated to helping you thrive in your business, for your employees, your customers and your community.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to redefine HR as Human Relationships with Human Results.


 FIT creates communities where teams and individuals thrive.

Who We Serve

We work with early stage founders to build their teams strategically, modeling the chemistry and competence needed to capitalize on opportunities.
We work with business owners and leaders with a desire to take what is great about their teams and evolve to the next level during the complex periods of growth and transition.
We partner and develop HR professionals. By helping the HR professional to think differently and develop skills as leaders of an organization who is welcomed by the leadership table. We reinforce the idea that HR stands for Human Relationships with Human Results.
We build prosperous, productive and healthy communities in high growth organizations. 

FIT'S "3-C's" Value System

Courage – FIT has an optimistic energy to take risks, to step into the messy, and do the right thing
Connection – FIT genuinely cares for all in our community: each other, our clients and our partners. We aim to serve with healthy, productive relationships
Competence – FIT creates cultures of human performance that creates business results

Amanda Mayo

Amanda Mayo

Founder / CEO, Sr. HR Consultant

Amanda has earned a place among the most recognized and respected HR experts in the Pacific Northwest.

For over 20 years, she has dedicated herself to helping business owners, leaders and employees achieve job satisfaction and productivity. Her efforts have paid off in her unique ability to create healthy and productive cultures and, more important, in the consistent satisfaction of her clients.

A trusted resource for small to mid-sized businesses, organizations seek Amanda out for her extraordinary level of knowledge, integrity and ability to identify and address even the most complex HR challenges. Clients rave about her approachability, confident communication style and ability to resolve conflicts and heal organizations. Using a pragmatic approach, Amanda comprehends fully the priorities required for business success, including the empathy and compassion necessary for people to achieve their best.


What do I love about HR? - The positive impact we can have on individuals, organizations and their families.

Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball

Sr. HR Consultant

Amanda is certainly not new to the field of HR. Over her 20-year career, Amanda has developed an exceptionally strong HR and business background. Her roles include consulting, onsite business partner/leadership and project-focused positions in industries ranging from biotech to e-commerce. She’s a resourceful, results-oriented leader who complements solid HR business strategies with a focus on building relationships and establishing credibility within organizations. Amanda excels in her communication skills, commitment, adaptability, and approachability to successfully work with businesses to achieve their strategic vision.

In her time away from the office, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family (including the four-legged ones), traveling the world (Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, Thailand, and New Zealand are a few of the top destinations so far!), going to the theatre, watching college football and fostering dogs.

What do I love about HR? - I love partnering with my clients and learning their business while building out HR programs and people strategies that help them achieve their goals.


Sheri Rogers

Sr. HR Consultant

Sheri Rogers is the person you want on your side when business is competitive, and a clear win is essential to success.  Sheri’s a top-notch coach and consultant, with nearly twenty years of experience at the Director level of HR roles in a wide variety of industries, including Tech, Service and Manufacturing.  She’s a cross-functional team builder with the heart of a teacher.  Sheri is an exceptionally effective communicator, with a mastery of both detail and long-term strategic vision.  In short, Sheri is a collaborative partner, with your interests in mind, who can make things happen!

Dixey Headshot - FINAL

Sean Dixey

Sr. HR Consultant

Sean has worked in the field of HR for over 20 years. His success – and the success of those with whom he has worked – centers on consistently viewing HR through a lens focused on achieving business goals. Sean combines a consultative approach with proven skills in leading talent management and operations strategies, enhancing employee experiences, reducing costs and increasing bottom line profitability. His dedication to HR leads Sean to volunteer with the Lake Washington Human Resources Association, where he currently serves on the Board of Directors. When away from the office, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, backpacking, competing in local triathlons and watching his two teenage sons’ sporting activities.

 “What do I love about HR? The opportunity to drive business success through effective people strategy and practices.”


Jane Martin Lynch

Sr. HR Consultant

Nearly every industry – every company – faces the same HR issues, such as recruiting, training, compliance, scheduling and much more. But what distinguishes an exceptionally valuable HR professional is the ability to recognize and address those issues that are entirely unique to each individual business. And that’s what makes Jane such an important member of the FIT team.  During her decades-long career in HR, the breadth of her experience has grown to include key roles in a wide range of businesses, including healthcare, IT, television, non-profit and retail. She’s proven herself a creative, energetic leader with strong communication skills. Compassionate, empathetic and versatile, she quickly becomes a trusted and prized collaborator with managers and employees alike. They call on her ability to quickly size up a situation, devise the best strategy and to provide the inspiration and leadership to enact that strategy. Her high energy persists away from the office, where she enjoys time with family, attending Husky home games, learning Italian, travelling and performing in local theater.

What do I love about HR? - I love that as a consultant in HR I get to interact with a variety of people in different industries – and every interaction is a learning opportunity.

christine young-1

Christine Young

Sr. HR Consultant

Christine’s nearly three decades of experience in HR have established her as a true champion of workplace diversity and its benefits to business and the community. A two-time recipient of the prestigious Nordstrom All Star Award, she was also honored with the Robert L. Ryan Award by the Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council. A retail expert, she was instrumental in organizing and presenting the 2019 Northwest Retail Summit, attended in-person and online by over 1000 participants.

She has developed and led HR initiatives at all levels, managing all HR activity for employees in multiple locations. She has solid relationships with dozens of retail decision makers, helping them improve recruitment, career pathways and retention processes. Christine is a trusted business partner with long-term vision.

What do I love about HR? I love being able to work and partner with a diverse set of businesses and organizations.  My previous roles have allowed me to work with community partners and organizations for the betterment of the organization as well as the community in which they serve.  I’ve also developed a passion for working with organizations in assessing their HR and Diversity processes, identifying gaps, potential risks and partnering with teams to improve their overall advancement of processes.

Matthew Brantley

Matthew Brantley

HR Consultant

Matthew’s 14+ years in HR includes building a professional HR organization from the ground up while growing a start-up software company from 15 to 125 employees. He is skilled in the full gamut of HR activities, with particular strength in benefits management and 401k design/administration. Matthew is adept at coaching, counseling and mediation, bringing excellent listening skills and great empathy to all professional relationships. He has a strong background in operational management of mergers and acquisitions — domestic and international — from both sides of the fence. Additionally, he is skilled at integrating process, policy and benefit packages and has a keen eye for detail, with excellent organizational and time management skills.

What do I love about HR? - The thing I most like about HR is the ability to make a difference for an organization globally and one individual at a time.


John Pelerine

Safety Consultant

 John brings to his position a background rich in ability and experience, honed during an extensive and remarkably distinguished career in the United States armed forces. Accordingly, he understands to an exceptional degree the value of discipline, proper training and a sense of duty in both leadership and collaborative positions.
John served multiple tours around the world, including stints in Iraq and Afghanistan. His duties included medical and logistical support for air and ground operations. In Afghanistan, he developed a Doula program successful in reducing infant mortality, and also enacted a clean water and pest control initiative which significantly reduced illness for civilians, American soldiers and members of the Afghani National Guard positioned in remote outposts. John graduated from the University of Washington Magna Cum Laude, developing even further his extreme interest and dedication to safety, health and environment. In 2018, John was named an Environmental Health and Safety Officer for Boeing, placed in its prestigious 747 “Queen of the Skies” Facility, overseeing maintenance and production safety. He is currently working to earn a Certified Safety Professional Certificate.

What do I love about Safety? - I love Safety because there is no other career like it in terms of learning opportunities. Each new area I work brings new challenges and, more importantly, more knowledge of each industry and a different way to approach safe practices. Although the basics of safety remain relatively unchanged, the applications and methods which Safety is applied is nearly as endless as the opportunity it provides to learn new things and explore new horizons. I love helping to solve problems, especially ones I do not know the answers to.

Dough Schlicter

Doug Schlicter

VP - Operations

Doug is a specialist at increasing business efficiency while reducing expenses. He earned his expertise over 20+ years occupying director and management roles in a number of businesses, including four start-ups. Doug’s had a leading hand in virtually all aspects of modern business, including operations, cost control and senior management.

Doug understands the big picture, and the importance of balancing employee needs with business requirements to achieve long-term goals. The result is a record of success assessing and remedying inefficiencies and designing streamlined management processes.

In addition, Doug has several Microsoft and CompTIA certifications and experience in non-profit and public sector business environments.

What do I love about HR? - The opportunity to provide support, assistance, & information to organizations intent on wanting to take care of their #1 asset – their employees.

Michelle Web Pic

Michelle Sterling

Executive Assistant

Michelle is our Executive Assistant – a big job that demands meticulous attention to detail and the talent to balance multiple initiatives. Her passion and ability to establish positive relationships, onboard new accounts and handle confidential information are coveted assets in our industry. A child of entrepreneurs, she was taught that if you work hard and give hard, life will be good to you. That was proven during a nearly 10-year stint as Co-Owner of Papa Murphy’s and as a visionary founder of a leadership development business. She’s an organizational wizard and a perfect fit with FIT.

What do I love about HR? –
I love watching clients build sustainable HR processes, resulting in increased productivity, strengthened relationships with their teams and the culture as a whole. 


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