Fully Integrated Team


Who We Are

  A talented and passionate team of professionals that are dedicated to helping you thrive in your business, for your employees, your customers and your community.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to redefine HR as Human Relationships with Human Results.


 FIT creates communities where teams and individuals thrive.

Who We Serve

We work with early stage founders to build their teams strategically, modeling the chemistry and competence needed to capitalize on opportunities.
We work with business owners and leaders with a desire to take what is great about their teams and evolve to the next level during the complex periods of growth and transition.
We partner and develop HR professionals. By helping the HR professional to think differently and develop skills as leaders of an organization who is welcomed by the leadership table. We reinforce the idea that HR stands for Human Relationships with Human Results.
We build prosperous, productive and healthy communities in high growth organizations. 

FIT'S "3-C's" Value System

Courage – FIT has an optimistic energy to take risks, to step into the messy, and do the right thing
Connection – FIT genuinely cares for all in our community: each other, our clients and our partners. We aim to serve with healthy, productive relationships
Competence – FIT creates cultures of human performance that creates business results

Amanda Mayo

Amanda Mayo

Founder / CEO, Sr. Consultant

Amanda has earned a place among the most recognized and respected HR experts in the Pacific Northwest.

For 20 years, she has dedicated herself to helping business owners, managers and employees achieve job satisfaction and productivity. Her efforts have paid off in fulfilling her own ambitions and, more important, in the consistent satisfaction of her clients.

A trusted resource for nearly all sizes and ranges of business, companies seek Amanda out for her extraordinary level of knowledge, integrity and ability to identify and address even the most complex HR challenges. Clients rave about her approachability, confident communication style and ability to resolve conflicts. Using a pragmatic approach, Amanda comprehends fully the priorities required for business success, including the empathy and compassion necessary for people to achieve their best.

Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball

Sr. Consultant

Amanda is certainly not new to the field of HR. Over her 18-year career, Amanda has developed an exceptionally strong HR and business background. Her roles include consulting, onsite business partner/leadership and project-focused positions in industries ranging from biotech to e-commerce. She’s a resourceful, results-oriented leader who complements solid HR business strategies with a focus on building relationships and establishing credibility within organizations. Amanda excels in her communication skills, commitment, adaptability, and approachability to successfully work with businesses to achieve their strategic vision.

In her time away from the office, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family (including the four-legged ones), traveling the world (Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, Thailand, and New Zealand are a few of the top destinations so far!), going to the theatre, watching college football and fostering dogs.

Matthew Brantley

Matthew Brantley

HR Consultant

Matthew’s 14+ years in HR includes building a professional HR organization from the ground up while growing a start-up software company from 15 to 125 employees. He is skilled in the full gamut of HR activities, with particular strength in benefits management and 401k design/administration. Matthew is adept at coaching, counseling and mediation, bringing excellent listening skills and great empathy to all professional relationships. He has a strong background in operational management of mergers and acquisitions — domestic and international — from both sides of the fence. Additionally, he is skilled at integrating process, policy and benefit packages and has a keen eye for detail, with excellent organizational and time management skills.

Rita Rossing

Rita Rossing

Sr. Consultant

Rita brings a unique and valuable skill set to FIT with her ability to identify innovative and strategic ways of approaching HR within companies ranging from start-ups to multi-state and international presence. The diversity of experiences acquired through working within other countries, for-profit companies, and non-profit sectors give her a broad lens to assess and find solutions tailored to each organization’s context/culture. Finding win-win options that balance business strategy with people-centered empathy, Rita has a holistic, capacity-building approach that accelerates solutions and increases engagement. She is the catalyst who transforms organizational issues or blockages into opportunities for success!

Dough Schlicter

Doug Schlicter

VP - Operations

Doug is a specialist at increasing business efficiency while reducing expenses. He earned his expertise over 20+ years occupying director and management roles in a number of businesses, including four start-ups. Doug’s had a leading hand in virtually all aspects of modern business, including operations, cost control and senior management.

Doug understands the big picture, and the importance of balancing employee needs with business requirements to achieve long-term goals. The result is a record of success assessing and remedying inefficiencies and designing streamlined management processes.

In addition, Doug has several Microsoft and CompTIA certifications and experience in non-profit and public sector business environments.

Lolly Welch

Lolly Welch

VP - Administration

Lolly brings to FIT and its clients the benefits of over 15 years of experience in business and executive administration. She has excelled in such roles as executive assistant, office manager, operations manager and as the owner/operator of her own professional organization business.

Lolly dedicates herself to providing FIT clients with a patient, individualized touch, helping them organize their lives in a way that gives them more time for personal enrichment and enjoyment.

When not occupied helping clients and keeping FIT organized, Lolly enjoys spending time and traveling with her husband, exploring various cultures, music and the arts.


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