Fully Integrated Team


Who We Are

  A talented and passionate team of professionals that are dedicated to helping you thrive in your business, for your employees, your customers and your community.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to redefine HR as Human Relationships with Human Results.


 FIT creates communities where teams and individuals thrive.

Who We Serve

We work with early stage founders to build their teams strategically, modeling the chemistry and competence needed to capitalize on opportunities.
We work with business owners and leaders with a desire to take what is great about their teams and evolve to the next level during the complex periods of growth and transition.
We partner and develop HR professionals. By helping the HR professional to think differently and develop skills as leaders of an organization who is welcomed by the leadership table. We reinforce the idea that HR stands for Human Relationships with Human Results.
We build prosperous, productive and healthy communities in high growth organizations. 

FIT'S "3-C's" Value System

Courage – FIT has an optimistic energy to take risks, to step into the messy, and do the right thing
Connection – FIT genuinely cares for all in our community: each other, our clients and our partners. We aim to serve with healthy, productive relationships
Competence – FIT creates cultures of human performance that creates business results

Founder, CEO, and Sr. HR Consultant Amanda Mayo

Amanda Mayo

Founder / CEO, Sr. HR Consultant

Amanda has earned a place among the most recognized and respected HR experts in the Pacific Northwest.

For over 20 years, she has dedicated herself to helping business owners, leaders and employees achieve job satisfaction and productivity. Her efforts have paid off in her unique ability to create healthy and productive cultures and, more important, in the consistent satisfaction of her clients.

A trusted resource for small to mid-sized businesses, organizations seek Amanda out for her extraordinary level of knowledge, integrity and ability to identify and address even the most complex HR challenges. Clients rave about her approachability, confident communication style and ability to resolve conflicts and heal organizations. Using a pragmatic approach, Amanda comprehends fully the priorities required for business success, including the empathy and compassion necessary for people to achieve their best.

What do I love about HR? - The positive impact we can have on individuals, organizations and their families.

Chief Operations Officer and Sr. HR Consultant Sheri Rogers

Sheri Rogers

Chief Operations Officer, Sr. HR Consultant

When a clear win is essential to your success, Sheri is the person you want on your side when business is competitive. Sheri’s a top-notch coach and consultant, with nearly twenty years of experience at the Director level of HR roles in a wide variety of industries, including Tech, Service, and Manufacturing. She’s a cross-functional team builder with the heart of a teacher. Sheri is an exceptionally effective communicator, with a mastery of both detail and long-term strategic vision. With your interests in mind, Sheri is a collaborative partner who can make things happen!

What do I love about HR?

I love the position HR has in the organization. When it is well executed, an HR Professional sits in a neutral position to work with leaders on strategy, align culture with organizational goals, serve as a coach to improve outcomes at all levels of the organization and create sustainable, scalable solutions for HR Processes. HR is a great place to be when you want to make a difference!

Senior Human Resources Consultant Jane Martin Lynch

Jane Martin Lynch

Sr. HR Consultant

Nearly every industry – every company – faces the same HR issues, such as recruiting, training, compliance, scheduling and much more. But what distinguishes an exceptionally valuable HR professional is the ability to recognize and address those issues that are entirely unique to each individual business. And that’s what makes Jane such an important member of the FIT team.  During her decades-long career in HR, the breadth of her experience has grown to include key roles in a wide range of businesses, including healthcare, IT, television, non-profit and retail. She’s proven herself a creative, energetic leader with strong communication skills. Compassionate, empathetic and versatile, she quickly becomes a trusted and prized collaborator with managers and employees alike. They call on her ability to quickly size up a situation, devise the best strategy and to provide the inspiration and leadership to enact that strategy. Her high energy persists away from the office, where she enjoys time with family, attending Husky home games, learning Italian, travelling and performing in local theater.

What do I love about HR?

I love that as a consultant in HR I get to interact with a variety of people in different industries – and every interaction is a learning opportunity.

human resources coultant Sherrie Homer

Sherrie Homer

Sr. HR Consultant

Sherrie Homer has spent more than 20 years building a successful career in Human Resources with cross-divisional and regional responsibilities in the logistics industry. Sherrie blends the work of an accomplished HR leader and a highly trained executive coach. An enthusiastic, skilled supporter of implementing business strategy through people, she is driven to implement a vision by creating bold opportunities for people to contribute impactfully using their strengths.

 Outside of work, Sherrie loves sharing time with her husband and 17 year-old daughter, enjoys creative expression in the garden, says "yes" to fun in her 1968 Karmann Ghia, and is proud to volunteer with the Step by Step Foundation where empowering mothers empower families and communities.

What do I love about HR?

I love building relationships and trust within and across teams.  When people feel acknowledged, they bring their best selves to their work, and become a source of bold, innovative ideas.

human resources consultant Bill Swan

Bill Swan

Principal Consultant

Bill has over 20 years of Human Resources and business Operations experience within such industries as Software Development, Blockchain, and Outdoor Apparel, Gear and Accessories.  From Start-ups to executive P&L responsibility within Fortune 500 publicly traded companies, Bill brings a wealth of skills and experiences.  

Bill loves to build people, teams and organizations towards goals and objectives.  He has found success by collaborating at all hierarchy levels, strategic planning, managing towards objectives, research, analysis, ideating new possibilities and coaching. 

He is tenacious in making progress, and loves to encourage others to do their best work, help them solve problems and live their best life.

Outside of work, he spends time with his wife and three grown children in a variety of outdoor pursuits, building something in his shop or writing a story.  Creating and building are strong themes in Bill’s life. 

What do I love about HR?

HR helps people work together to accomplish great goals and constantly improve the world of work.  Whatever the career, our places of work is where people spend most of their time, and HR is focused on making work adapt to new conditions for an improved experience for everyone. 

HR consultant Sandra Schafer

Sandra Schafer

Sr. HR Consultant

During her 30 years in Human Resources, 22 of which as an HR Director, in the retail, non-profit healthcare, and human service sectors, Sandra assisted several organizations in building their human resources systems and processes from the ground up, as well as partnering with businesses owners and executives in maximizing their growth and expansion. 

For Sandra, maximizing growth and processes necessarily intertwine with caring and having empathy for people. Co-workers and clients alike describe her as being approachable, genuine, and having a great sense of humor.  

When she’s not working, she finds serenity enjoying nature and camping at the Cowlitz River.  To rejuvenate she enjoys swimming.  Her highest priority is her quality time with her two adult children and brother. 

What do I love about HR?

I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others and have witnessed miraculous changes among the people and businesses with whom I have worked.

Jenna web pic square

Jenna McCaffery

HR Consultant

With nearly 15 years of HR Operations experience in small-to-midsize businesses, as well as large, global organizations, Jenna McCaffery’s diverse industry portfolio includes manufacturing, nutraceuticals, food processing, healthcare, legal, retail, and more.


From startups to mergers & acquisitions, Jenna enjoys working with cross-functional teams to drive company goals through maximizing human capital and streamlining business operations. Jenna employs her educational background in Industrial-Organizational Psychology to help facilitate change management, process improvement, employee relations, and HR technology. 


When Jenna isn’t working, she enjoys spending quality time and traveling with her husband and three children.  Her personal interests include human behavior, Web3, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and music.

What do I love about HR?

I love working in HR because it gives me the opportunity to work closely with business professionals in diverse industries.  Whether I’m helping to overcome unforeseen obstacles or celebrating the successes – I love it all and there’s never a dull moment.

Laura Linkedin profile

Laura Shelton

HR Consultant

A fascination with human behavior -- why people do what they do -- inspired Laura to pursue Human Resources in an effort to humanize the profession. With over 15 years in both global and local organizations, she expertly guides clients through high-stress scenarios with her approachability and subject matter mastery. 

 Her industry experience includes private and non-profit, healthcare, financial, aerospace, agriculture, retail, and technology. She has built multiple HR departments from the ground up, and she has been teaching HR Certification preparation courses (HRCI and then SHRM) since 2010.

In addition to enjoying time with her husband and two children, Laura can be found feeding her intrigue of social psychology by reading the latest from authors like Adam Grant and Brené Brown.

What do I love about HR?

I love helping employees and management improve the quality of their time spent at work. Sometimes that comes through having a difficult conversation to get to the root of an issue before it escalates. Other times, I support clients by developing policies or programs that reward positive contributions. I believe that one small change can make an exponential impact in HR.

Stefanie web pic copy

Stefanie Broughton

HR Consultant

The core of Stefanie’s HR philosophy is that building strong relationships through compassion creates alignment between your greatest assets --your team-- and your overall goals.  With 15 years of comprehensive and progressive experience in all areas of HR, Stefanie can support organizations in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and telecommunications construction. She values partnerships with leaders across the organization, which positions her as the go-to person within the organization for concrete topics such as safety, workers compensation, and DOT compliance as well as the critical but abstract areas of training, coaching, and mentoring leaders to the next level of their careers. 

What I love about HR:

When not working, Stefanie loves traveling the world and creating memories with her husband, 3 children, and their many fur babies.

Rick web pic square

Rick Park

HR Consultant

For more than 20 years, Rick Park has provided HR support to companies across technology, manufacturing, distribution, and non-profit organizations. His Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology gives him a unique edge to help businesses create a growth-minded culture while also shoring up legal/regulatory compliance and streamlining core HR processes, all of which strengthen a company’s competitive advantage.

Rick prides himself on understanding your business and its strategy, building key relationships in your company, and communicating early and often about what employees will experience and why.

When he’s not at work, Rick enjoys spending time with his family, playing both acoustic and electric guitars, and exercising. A former competitive cyclist, he gives back to athletics by announcing basketball and soccer games at local high schools.

What do I love about HR?

It feeds my passion for learning! Even after decades of honing my craft, I continue to learn and grow from the people with whom I work and the business situations that present themselves. Open and honest dialogue with my clients results in a valuable perspective regarding their needs and enhances our ability to deliver meaningful change!

Gabrielle M Wilkerson - Web Pic-300

Gabrielle M Wilkerson,

HR Consultant

With experience in various industries, including Biotech, Asset Management, Game Entertainment, IT, and Grocery Retail, Gabrielle’s local and global HR perspective spans large and small enterprises, both private and publicly traded. 

Gabrielle works collaboratively with all levels of an organization to ensure both the people and the business thrive.  Her philosophy, “the business of business is people,” ensures she can help organizations work towards achieving strategic objectives, coaching for success, and looking and planning for the future.

To rejuvenate and reenergize, Gabrielle loves spending time with friends and family, especially her two nieces; she also enjoys distance walking, being in a running group, and participating in multiple 5k’s and a half-marathon.

Jennifer web pic-300

Jennifer Braly

HR Consultant

Jen approaches life and career with verve. As a person who doesn’t shy away from opportunities, challenges, or experiences, she has that “Jill of All Trades” quality that is both rare and valuable. Her 15 years of experience in the Army is bolstered by a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Professional Leadership as well as a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management, experience in industries including manufacturing, hospitals, retail, education, and a slew of HR Professional Leadership Training both in and out of the military. As an active duty Army Officer and a member of Army Reserves and the Army National Guard, Jen learned to find common ground with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, so she is exceptionally adept at threading diverse perspectives in order to create a successful team. She loves discovering what makes people tick, and her drive to be a part of something great compliments her easy demeanor and impressive experience.  In short, Jen masterfully inspires and leads people to success. 

On weekends, Jen loves to travel, spend time with her family, and just kick back and relax with a good tv show or a game

Lisa web pic-300

Lisa Llewelyn

HR Consultant

Striking a balance between empathy and analyzing can be tricky, but it is a surefire way to understand what drives a person. Lisa’s background in hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing, along with a degree in Mass Communications & Society, supports her analytical side; combined with her big heart and love for people in general, she is a powerhouse in HR. Being a passionate and experienced leadership trainer, team builder, and expert communicator allows her to dial into people’s likes, dislikes, and skill sets. Using her extensive background in studying human behavior, she can quickly determine where people “fit” in any given scenario. Flexibility, changing with the times, and inspiring people to do their best round out Lisa’s HR expertise. 

Lisa loves acting in and reading about murder mysteries, and being a Northern California native, she never misses a 49’ers game.

Doug Schlicter, Chief Business Officer at Seattle Area Financial Staffing Firm

Doug Schlicter

Chief Business Officer

Doug is a specialist at increasing business efficiency while reducing expenses. He earned his expertise over 20+ years occupying director and management roles in a number of businesses, including four start-ups. Doug’s had a leading hand in virtually all aspects of modern business, including operations, cost control and senior management.

Doug understands the big picture, and the importance of balancing employee needs with business requirements to achieve long-term goals. The result is a record of success assessing and remedying inefficiencies and designing streamlined management processes.

In addition, Doug has several Microsoft and CompTIA certifications and experience in non-profit and public sector business environments.

What do I love about HR?

The opportunity to provide support, assistance, & information to organizations intent on wanting to take care of their #1 asset – their employees.


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