Human Resources for Startups

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” -Doug Conant, CEO, Campbell's Soup

We Offer HR for Startups and Fast-Growing Businesses

Businesses that are just starting or experiencing unusual growth invariably run into issues with human resource management. Sometimes these are issues that you can explicitly connect with your bottom line: turnover, training costs, etc. Most of the time, however, hiring issues are time sinks that suck up all of a founder/CEOs time. Some of the most positive responses we get aren’t from the founders themselves, but their partners who finally get to see them again.

The number 1 reason that startups and small businesses fail is cash flow problems. Labor typically is the biggest expense of a startup, which also directs proper cash flow, so is doubly important. When you get down to the basics, the biggest problems that startups face are problems with human resources.

For this reason, startups that best find success seek help with their HR either in-house or with outside help. If you are looking for an experienced HR partner to guide you in your next steps, FIT HR can help.

FIT HR Helps Solve Immediate Issues

Some companies have immediate issues that require attention. We can help you work through these. They may include:

  • Key Positions Can’t be Filled
  • Difficulty with New Hires
  • Crisis: Lawsuits, Sudden Leave, Leak of Confidential Information, etc.

For example, we got in touch with a Seattle tech company that hired an engineer for a key position that was being unreliable with their work. However, their skill set was so niche that they couldn’t just fire them and start over. This issue became much more pronounced as they worked to scale the business. We got to work and provided some leadership development and advice on company culture initiatives. After a month of work, they were able to streamline their workflow by bringing the difficult employee into the fold of the company mission. It also ended up being far cheaper to do this than to fire and rehire such a niche role.

FIT HR Creates Effective HR Policies for Startups

After we solve any crises in an organization, we can look ahead to fill gaps in your processes before they worsen.

Typically, we do an HR discovery assessment where we interview key members of your team and ask questions about HR operations, what employees are looking for and what the leadership team needs. We may help you implement an automated HR system for common HR concerns such as time-off,, requests. This will help us understand where your outcomes stand in comparison to other companies at your stage of growth. For example, if we notice that onboarding takes 2x as long as others in your industry, we should consider what onboarding processes to adjust or enhance.

Based on the data we collect in our discovery work, we can create a roadmap to fill these gaps in your processes.

Some common projects we work with startups on:

  • HR automation technologies (HRIS)
  • Employee Relations and Culture
  • Corrective Action and Termination / Separation.
  • New Hire and Onboarding Programs.
  • Performance Management.
  • Leadership and Employee Development.
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Creation / Development
  • Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management.
  • Workforce Analysis and Planning.
  • Benefits and Compensation.
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.
  • Retention of Talent.
  • Training and Development.

Read an explanation and examples of these services: here

As we continue working with you, we always work to cultivate good candidate and employee experiences.

coworkers in positive working environment, collaborating and working on different devices

We Help you Attract and Retain Top Talent

We have a long track record of helping organizations identify and recruit top talent nationally. We have partners involved in recruitment marketing and screening, and we can directly help you integrate new talent into your workforce seamlessly.

“The team at FIT HR had a very common-sense approach to interactions with us from an operations perspective. Their people skills are strong and that’s some of what attracted us. I do believe that HR consultants are a commodity. I used to work in an HR department, and there are certain skill sets you must have, certain things you must know. It is commoditized. It’s important that appreciation for the social consciousness of an organization is there and that it’s woven into HR efforts. The FIT HR team embodies this.”

– Richard, SVP of Operations and Legal, Technology Start-up

“I can’t afford an in-house HR specialist”

That’s okay, our pricing is flexible so you can use our services in 4 ways

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