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Redefining Human Resources


Human Relationships. Human Results.

A business is more than the sum of its parts. At its best, it is a Fully Integrated Team – a community of talented individuals each doing their part to achieve a common vision. At its best a business represents the livelihood to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees; the vision of its leadership, the impact of its products or services and the possibility of growth and changes in a community. But it takes some thoughtful work to get there.

Redefining HR

At FIT, we see HR as more than a safety net of compliance and problem-management. We see the opportunity to partner with you to help you become a Fully Integrated Team. Keep reading to learn more!

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Fractional Leadership

We can be actively involved with your business to provide necessary leadership.

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Project Management

We take on priority projects that your business needs to embrace opportunities or avoid risk.

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Crisis Management

We can manage those sticky situations where emotions and risk is high and they need to be diffused.

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We can help develop and build your team to have the skills and resources to be a fully integrated team.

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Specialty Services

We offer highly specialized services for specialized situations.

During a period of incredible turbulence in HR leadership, FIT senior staff provided a necessary stability and laid the foundation for some major breakthroughs in terms of our ability to deliver HR services more efficiently. They were instrumental in creating an HRIS platform that I have been able to, in very short time, light up an on-line benefits enrollment, an on-line on-boarding system, an on-line recruiting interface, and an on-line review process, all in my four months here, based largely on the work that they did and managed in migrating the data into the new system in a responsible and thorough manner to begin with. Couldn’t be happier.

Kevin, HR Director, Construction Industry

“The team at FIT had a very common-sense approach to interactions with us from an operations perspective. Their people skills are strong and that’s some of what attracted us. I really do believe that HR consultants are a commodity. I used to work in an HR department, and there are certain skill sets you must have, certain things you must know. It is commoditized. It’s important that appreciation for the social consciousness of an organization is there and that it’s woven into HR efforts.  The FIT team embodies this.”

Richard, SVP of Operations and Legal, Technology Industry

 “FIT was instrumental in helping me get my first contracts, built my team and celebrated with me! When you have that attitude in business, it’s a win-win situation, and it’s just so much better.”

Kerri, CEO, Services Industry

 “When FIT came in engagement was low, not a lot of trust in HR or leadership. Their coaching and mentorship leadership approach, has increased engagement dramatically - people are open, unafraid and energies are now at an all-time high.”

Jane, CEO, Healthcare

 “We had a strong need for HR guidance because we grew too fast and needed expertise to right-size our business. They had an ability to talk through and understand our risk, managing our change in the most humane way, with the nicest layoffs on earth.”

Jane, Partner, Services Industry

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