Realize both HR and business goals with FIT: Fully Integrated Team HR

Realize both HR and business goals with FIT: Fully Integrated Team HR



As your outsourced HR leader, we proactively integrate HR objectives with business goals. So your growth-oriented company has the leadership, strategies, culture, stability, and processes to perform at the highest level. This is not HR at the expense of business success. It’s the deliberate integration of business strategy with the best practices of HR.

So you achieve:

  • higher revenue
  • next-level growth
  • more engaged teams
  • calmer leadership
  • more scalability
  • stronger culture that becomes a talent magnet
  • safety net for compliance and problem-management

Human Relationships. Human Results.

fractional leadership

Fractional Leadership

Secure an as-needed HR professional, or an entire team. We’re your interim strategic HR management department.

fractional leadership

Project Management

Finish more mission-critical projects, such as performance management, career pathing, and engagement/retention efforts.

HR Consultant - Technology

Crisis Management

Destress, de-escalate, and defuse with our outsourced professionals who’ve been there. And who’ll quickly put you on track to actionable solutions on challenges including EEOC claims, audits, and investigations.

fractional leadership


Uplevel individuals and teams with critical skills, solutions, and resources, so you’re always ready for what’s next.

fractional leadership

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

Every organization needs an intentional, personalized DEIB strategy. At FIT, we’re informed by our own DEIB experts, and by our premier DEIB partners. When you need DEIB support, we’ll listen closely to your objectives, and honor your goals. Then we’ll make a customized, culturally aligned introduction(s) to our most appropriate DEIB specialist(s). Together, we’ll all do DEIB right, and replace uncertainty with clear paths forward.

fractional leadership

Specialty Services

When you need to optimize WFH and office environments, and/or EAP support, we’ll connect you to our HR specialty services partners.

Human Relationships

Human Results

A business is more than the sum of its parts. At its best, it is a Fully Integrated Team – a community of talented individuals each doing their part to achieve a common vision. At its best a business represents the livelihood to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees; the vision of its leadership, the impact of its products or services and the possibility of growth and changes in a community. But it takes some thoughtful work to get there.

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We build prosperous, productive and healthy communities in high growth organizations. 

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See our case studies. How we work with our clients is custom and specialized, based on where you are in your organization.

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