HR for Mental Health Practices

HR for Mental Health Practices

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Human-focused HR services for mental health practices

Mental health practices face unique HR challenges. In your practice, you naturally prioritize the care you provide to clients and patients. But in order to provide that care, you must run your practice as a business, with an eye toward efficient management and growth.

HR and Mental Health Providers

The skill set required to provide mental health services and the skill set required to properly manage your team and your business are not the same. To help you balance these competing demands, FIT HR provides specialized mental health HR services. We are here to help you:

  • Attract and hire talent to fit your practice’s internal culture
  • Provide ongoing training for professional growth and regulatory compliance
  • Manage budgeting, billing, payroll, and vendor accounts
  • Curate resources for mental health, tailored for workers in the mental health field
  • Develop programs for mental health to encourage better staff retention
  • Grow your professional network and referrals
  • Create strategies to market your practice within your target community

As HR consultants, we work to integrate with your practice’s culture in order to help you achieve your goals. Whether your aim is to expand your business or to align with larger organizations in your community, we’re with you as partner and advisor.

Building an HR Partnership, Your Way

An HR consultancy can be a major commitment. At FIT HR, we offer a variety of tailored engagement options to suit your practice’s needs. Among our options are:

  • HR policy and compliance audits
  • Hourly, as-needed consulting on strategy or execution
  • Project-based engagements, especially useful for building out internal policies and procedures
  • Fractional leadership, in which one of our leading HR consultants meets with your team regularly and takes on the role of HR director.