Outsource your human resources leadership to Seattle with our fractional HR leadership program

A majority of our relationships with clients are on a fractional leadership basis. We were one of the first in the Seattle area to offer this service and we are excited to see it become more and more accepted in today’s dynamic world. Now more than ever industries face massive growth, disruption, and turnover, making sustainable hiring practices and employee management more difficult for individual organizations. The truth is that as business objectives change, workplace incentives must as well. We enable you to adapt to the marketplace efficiently through our fractional leadership program.

In essence, we understand that there are times when the cost of employment for a full-time HR department is prohibitively high, and yet businesses still need the benefits of an effective human resource director. So, by hiring a fractional HR leader, you receive the best of both worlds. Our HR director works with your leadership team on a dependable schedule at a consistent price.

Benefits of Fractional Leadership:

  • An impartial HR advisor for leadership, shareholders, and employees alike
  • Effective management of HR services either in house or outsourced
  • Participation in leadership meetings with an independent HR perspective
  • Establish strategic objectives that align with key HR activities
  • Design, recommend and implement key HR strategies that are proven to improve your bottom line
  • Flexibility in high demand and variable timeframes
  • Access to the FIT HR network of advisory services, products, and resources.

HR Compliance and Innovation Starts at the Top

In our dynamic and complex world, there are dozens of business regulations with hundreds of variations that take significant expertise to navigate. The downfall of many organizations begins with poor compliance or decisions around transparency made at the top. By participating in the boardroom and/or leadership meetings as a fractional member, we are able (and not afraid to) bring up potential compliance issues far before they happen.

Smooth Out Variable Work Schedules or Leadership Gaps with Interim HR Consultancy

When your current HR leader takes long-term leave or your business cycle demands hiring beyond what you can handle in-house, you can use our fractional-interim leadership program to fill in the gaps. These gaps at the top trickle down too. One study found that nearly 60% of employees at the average firm considered an open senior leadership role an impediment to productivity.

By utilizing an interim HR leader, you fill these gaps immediately until a more long-term solution is possible. Consider us to be your subject matter experts that you can call on at any moment to take care of a critical situation.

Fractional Leadership Entails an Accounting and Budget Advantage

Consultants and contingent workers can be accrued differently than regular full-time employees and as a result, are not recorded as fixed overhead. Our consultants are paid a flat fee monthly that doesn’t include burdensome benefits packages that a full-time employee would. Overall, this greatly reduces your fixed labor costs and yields you upwards of $135K/year in savings.

Consider the Ease of Severability

If the consulting business arrangement ends there are no added expenses typically incurred with full-time employees such as severance, unemployment liability, etc. Plus you can always bring on a full-time HR director down the line as your business grows.

Why Choose FIT HR For Fractional Leadership?

In general, when hiring a fractional leader, you should be looking for someone who can step into the role directly and who will adapt to your organization. We do just that. Our leaders have extensive experience providing fractional leadership, and when possible we match them based on your industry.

The experiences of our consultants include past work in senior HR leadership positions at organizations of every size.

Gain Access to our Exclusive Resources

Not only do we have automation systems and tools at our disposal that can help streamline your HR workflows, but we also have partnerships across the industry with recruiters, benefits and payroll professionals, diversity experts, and educators. When you work with FIT HR, you also work with our network of subject matter experts. We know what tools, policies, and processes work best and we can connect your organization with these at flexible price points.

How it Works

After you meet with us to assess your needs, you can choose to work with us at whatever level of engagement you prefer (i.e. 5, 10, 40 hours a week or month). A FIT HR advisor then becomes a member of your leadership team that can take ownership of all things HR. They’ll come to leadership meetings with fresh ideas and perspectives that can help your organization grow.

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