HR Consulting

At FIT, HR strategy forms the core of our mission.

HR Consulting

At FIT, HR strategy forms the core of our mission.

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HR Consulting

  • Strategies for growth
  • fresh ideas
  • new perspectives
  • greater confidence
  • peace of mind
  • authentic
  • humane

You’re great at leading, selling, strategy, capital allocation, and budgeting. You’re a master at your craft. But your stressful, overscheduled days may overflow with employee management, employment and legal research, and ongoing micromanagement.

Instead, what if you could spend most of your energy on company growth? And be fully confident knowing that an exceptional, proactive HR consultant is at the helm to manage and harness all your human resources??

That’s the power of FIT’s HR consultancy.

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After all, it’s people who make business happen. Even in competitive industries, where the product itself doesn’t change significantly (construction, utilities, staple foods, etc.), the most successful organizations effectively maximize their people and their profitability, their operations and their teams. All while avoiding regulatory headaches and high turnover. All while keeping it real.

Be aware that not all HR consultants have these priorities. Many simply follow the lead of management demands to reduce costs. But this can backfire, create unintended consequences, and cost you dearly.

At FIT, HR strategy forms the core of our mission. Whether you come to us under financial (and mental) pressure during growth, or are facing a major incident (lawsuit, EEOC, audit, etc.), long-term strategy matters.

Reasons to hire an HR Consultant from FIT:

  • Generate HR solutions that seamlessly integrate into your mission and workflow
  • Focus on results-driven strategies via our proprietary automation and data tools
  • Fuel and maintain business growth
  • Free up your time to focus on managing business fundamentals, while FIT focuses on managing your people
  • Avoid regulatory headaches
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Reduce turnover
  • Acquire better qualified talent who stay longer
  • Lessen labor costs
  • Link pay to performance, career growth, culture, accountability, and training, so that your organization works for you.

Just a few of the industries we team with:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Nonprofits
  • Utilities
  • Government & Public Sector (FIT HR is WBE/DBE certified)
  • Healthcare
  • Start-ups
  • And more

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