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FIT HR provides HR solutions that integrate into your mission and workflow.

Our unique automation and data tools ensure that we keep your HR strategy results-driven.


When you work with FIT HR you can focus on managing your business, while we focus on managing the people. Leaders love working with us because they can go back to managing the business fundamentals. Founders love working with us because we help them free up personal time away from constant employee management.

What is an HR Consultant, and Why Do Successful Businesses Utilize One?

At the core of any organization are the people that make the business happen. Even in competitive industries, where the product itself doesn’t change significantly (construction, utilities, staple foods, etc.) the organizations that find success do so because they appropriately harness their human resources. We help you do just that (and avoid the regulatory headaches that are all too common in today's world).

As a business owner (or leader), the strengths you have learned through business school or your experience have trained you well to be an expert in your organization, your field, and your product or service. You’ve probably learned to be an excellent capital allocator, or even how to be a great salesperson or people-person, however, we’ve worked with many managers who have the foresight to admit that they can’t spin every plate by themselves (especially the micromanagement of HR).

Most leaders and founders would like to focus mainly on capital and strategy. HR consultants allow you to do just that. We want to free up your time from employee management, handbook and policy writing, and day-to-day micromanagement so that you can focus on growing a successful organization and have some more control over your personal time.

A High-Quality HR Strategy Drives Profits

Beyond allowing business owners and leadership to spend their time effectively, on a large scale, a well-implemented HR strategy has been proven to increase sales, increase profits and reduce turnover and associated labor costs. High-quality HR strategy is an investment that fuels and maintains your business growth.

A study of small-midsized businesses conducted by researchers at Cornell found that “organizations create 22 percent higher growth in sales, 23 percent higher profits and a nearly 67 percent drop in turnover when they implement three key HR management strategies.”

Higher Sales Growth
Higher Profits
Drop in Turnover

Wondering what these 3 strategies are? You can read the study here or meet with our team to learn more about these targeted HR growth strategies and how they can apply to your business.

This is backed up by another study from USC of large cap businesses that found that implementing one key HR strategy “boasted a 66 percent higher return on sales, a 20 percent higher return on assets, a 20 percent higher return on investment, and a 13 percent higher return on equity.”

When Choosing a Human Resources Firm Choose the Right One

The truth is, not all HR consultants have the same priorities. Many simply follow the lead of management demands to reduce costs, but this too often backfires with unintended consequences. Instead, an HR consultant should be proactive and contribute insights about your business, operations, market, and your strategy.

“Many companies have been focused on technology and cost-cutting and have not done much to improve work processes or deal with the cultural-change issues. [The most cost-effective revenue improvement strategies]” - Brian Lowenthal, benchmark director of Hackett Benchmarking & Research, a division of Answerthink, Inc. Workforce

That’s why a focus on revenue-driving HR strategy forms the core of our mission. Whether you come to us under financial (and mental) pressure during growth or are facing a major incident (lawsuit, EEOC, audit, etc.), long-term strategy matters.

Some organizations appropriately recognize that they have longer-term (and costly) issues like high turnover or talent acquisition issues. In any case, we find out what you want from your organization and work to align key HR components (link pay to performance, career growth, culture, accountability, and training) so that your organization works for you. We have worked with organizations across every kind of industry across the U.S., so rest assured that we can find a custom solution for you.

Integrated HR services we offer:

  • HR automation technologies (HRIS)
  • Employee Relations and Culture
  • Corrective Action and Termination / Separation.
  • New Hire and Onboarding Programs.
  • Performance Management.
  • Leadership and Employee Development.
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Creation / Development
  • Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management.
  • Workforce Analysis and Planning.
  • Benefits and Compensation.
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.
  • Retention of Talent.
  • Training and Development.

Here’s How Our Human Resources Consultants Helped One Seattle Client

FIT HR stands out because we adapt interventions to the business, we don't focus just solely on one boilerplate solution.

Jim (the owner of an engineering firm) contacted us to talk about potential payroll changes. Jim noticed that his employees were working overtime more than ever recently, as work tended to pile up over the summer months. Because he bids his projects on an hourly basis, he had limited flexibility. He asked us if he could switch his employees from full-time employees to independent contractors to reduce his overtime costs. Our team worked with Jim and identified that a non-exempt “hourly flexible” classification would meet his business goals best.

With this classification, Jim could keep his workers on an employee status so he can still control the client experience and still set expectations. With this classification, he could also then attract late-career professionals who want a better work-life balance, and who are more open to flexibility in hours. This ended up being the perfect solution for Jim’s vision for his organization.

“I had spoken with 2-3 other HR consultants in the Seattle area, and FIT HR was the first to offer personalized advice based on my business objectives. Other companies only gave me definitions for “1099” and other basic payroll structures without any added context. Thanks, FIT Team.” - Jim

Sources: (Stanford) Matthew Allen, Christopher Collins, Jeff A Ericksen. 2013. Human resource management, employee exchange relationships, and performance in small businesses, Human Resource Management Journal (US). 52(2):153-174

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