HR Insider: FIT into leadership

This program is designed to change the way you think about and identify the behaviors within your Human Resources career.

HR Insider: FIT into leadership

This program is designed to change the way you think about and identify the behaviors within your Human Resources career.

Program Purpose

This program is designed to change the way you think about and behave within your Human Resources career.

You will be challenged to approach opportunities that expand your capacity to lead:

  • With confidence from a place of authenticity
  • With resilience
  • With purpose
  • And, connected to a bigger intention for your career

It creates access to profoundly positive outcomes through your own new ways of being.

Are You?
  • Feeling isolated because you’re a department of one?
  • Wondering why you can’t yet get past the HR manager level?
  • Looking for ways to change your impact on the company you serve?
  • Craving a sense of belonging with fellow HR peers and HR mentors?
  • Mystified by what the term “leadership presence” means, and how I will embody that?


Who Is This For?

The HR Insider Program is tailored for HR professionals-

  • Positioned in the junior to mid-level of management
  • Who have a proven dedication to their own professional advancement
  • Possessing an aspiration to elevate their contributions through innovative HR strategies and solutions
  • Who LOVE HR!

If any of this is YOU, consider joining our HR Insider cohort!

What You Get

This program creates an environment that combines learning with feedback, reflection, and practice. You’ll have access to new strategies for creative problem solving, bringing new impact to your leadership practice and organizational effectiveness through experiential learning via:


  • Monthly in-person workshops
  • Virtual one-on-one mentoring with your own dedicated, senior HR leader
  • Access to the cohort member portal for easy collaboration with peers
  • An expanded definition of success applied to your HR career
  • A feeling of success as you graduate to the next level of your HR career
Program Objectives
  • Create a valuable partner in the alignment of company’s values with the need for practical business outcomes
  • Assist with mitigating risk and managing future liabilities through creative HR solutions and strategies
  • Effectively partner with future peers and key leadership drivers who design the company’s future (e.g., CEO, CFO, COO, CMO and CHRO)
  • Create and defend amazing employee experiences (culture) by creating a common language through simple and effective process
  • Expand personal leadership presence approach and impact
  • Bring new effectiveness to strategy for handling collaboration and conflict
  • Get crystal clear about the impact of ethics in leadership
  • Foster an environment of belonging that goes beyond culture, and way beyond “feel-good”
  • Accept the wild amount of support available to you through mentorship partnering

Program Components

  • 10-month program (Feb through Nov)
  • One monthly 2-hour in-person workshop
  • One monthly (60 min) virtual mentor meeting
  • Members only portal (group chat, program resources)
  • Deep dive into experiential projects created with the support of mentors, carried out within your organizations
  • Exposure to and opportunities for collaboration with subject matter experts in each functional business
  • Expand your confidence in building and utilizing networks throughout your career
  • Graduation event in celebration of THE NEW YOU!


February through November 2024 – in Bellevue 


$8500, all inclusive

Next Steps

  • Submit application
  • Alignment meeting scheduled
  • Cohort participation confirmed
  • Payment due no later than January 15, 2024


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