At FIT, HR strategy forms the core of our mission.


At FIT, HR strategy forms the core of our mission.



At FIT HR, we bring a fresh approach to your construction HR needs, providing you with unique strategies for growth, fresh ideas, new perspectives, and greater confidence. With a newfound peace of mind, our approach can align to your construction company’s unique structure while prioritizing employee well-being. 

  • Some of the common we address include: Poor Productivity and project Management Performance
  • Skilled Labor Shortages and Efficiency Restructuring
  • Efficiency.
  • Workers’ Compensation Management to Reduce Costs + Return To Work Programs Hiring, turnover/proper training
  • Ensuring Compliance with county, state, and federal ACA, OSHA, FLSA regulations
  • Managing employee work-life balance and travel expenses
  • Addressing time theft, tardiness, and time-off issues
  • Navigation of workplace time-off and leave of absence benefits
  • Implementation of drug testing and rehabilitation programs
  • Evaluation of driver programs

Our integrated services for HR in construction environments are designed to alleviate the stress and burdens associated with managing HR programs yourself, with flexible cost options available.(See: Fractional Leadership)

Our Integrated HR Solutions for Construction

  • HR automation technologies (HRIS)
  • Employee Relations and Culture Development 
  • Corrective Action and Termination / Separation Strategies
  • New Hire Onboarding and Integration Programs
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Leadership and Employee Development Training
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Creation / Development
  • Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management Training/ Strategies
  • Workforce Analysis and Planning
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition design and planning
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition SystemsTraining and Development for Employees

Success Stories

As an example, one of our construction clients, employing around 40 individuals, was facing a substantial overspending issue, costing them thousands of dollars every month related to travel expenses. We came in and implemented a number of data-driven systems and processes to identify the problem. 

We found that employees were double booking drive time, including lunches, taking strange routes, and being generally inefficient.

Using data-driven methodologies and enforcing accountability measures, we successfully pinpointed and resolved driver problems and brought their fleet safety program into better compliance. Among other actions, we mandated ride-sharing, mapping protocols, accountability forms and excluded lunchtime from reimbursement. These early steps alone yielded $15,000 in savings the first year.

Our fleet safety program included policies around training, company manuals for drivers, incident reporting, and insurance adjustments that are less clear in cost savings, but reduce liability when a major accident happens.

Ensuring Construction HR ComplianceWhile our primary focus is on optimizing your company’s operations, we also prioritize HR compliance to protect your business from legal challenges. We help businesses adapt to the myriad of labor mandates across Federal, State, City, and County governments.

You Don’t Have To Build it Yourself

We offer various tailored engagement options to suit your specific construction HR needs:


Hourly as Needed

  • This option is for owners who want to try us out and see what we can do for them as soon as possible. Perhaps you would like an audit to see if you comply and to identify holes in your HR operation. Maybe you want feedback on one aspect of your HR strategy, or just want to speak with us as issues arise. In any case, an hourly as-needed approach may be best for you.
  • Project-Based

    We also do work on a project basis. A common project is building an employee handbook that states your expectations and benefits for employees. An employee handbook is typically the first step that organizations make towards a comprehensive HR strategy as we weave together your HR foundation, benefits and total rewards, operations and culture into this document.

  • Fractional Leadership

    Hiring an experienced HR department leader will cost you upwards of $200k, it may make more sense for your organization to pursue a fractional leadership plan. In such an arrangement we have one of our top HR consultants meet with your team regularly and act as an HR director. In short, we will blend in as an integrated member of your leadership team.

  • Crisis Management

    If you are facing a crisis-level issue (such as a potential lawsuit), you should contact us as soon as possible. Properly managing crises can save you millions of dollars. Not only will we help you resolve this specific incident but we can help you put a prevention strategy in place to avoid future issues.

“During a period of incredible turbulence in HR leadership, FIT HR senior staff provided necessary stability and laid the foundation for some breakthroughs in terms of our ability to deliver HR services more efficiently. They were instrumental in creating an HRIS platform that I have been able to, in a very short time, set up an online benefits enrollment, an online onboarding system, an online recruiting interface, and an online review process. All of this, in my four months here, based largely on the work that they did in migrating our old data into a new system in a responsible and thorough manner. Couldn’t be happier.”

– Kevin, HR Director, Construction Industry


5 Additional reasons to hire FIT fractional HR leadership

Why Hire Us

1. Avoid costly regulation & compliance errors Business regulation and compliance laws are changing constantly, and require significant expertise to navigate. Your fractional HR leader from FIT will ensure your company avoids costly mistakes—before they happen. 2. Stabilize work schedules & lessen leadership gaps Leadership gaps are costly. When a current HR leader takes long-term leave, or your business cycle demands hiring beyond what you can handle in-house, tap our fractional human resources program. You’ll fill the position immediately, and gain time to find a long-term solution. Costs trickle down too: One study found that nearly 60% of employees at the average firm considered an open senior leadership role an impediment to productivity. 3. Gain accounting & budget advantages Tapping our expertise, you can greatly reduce fixed labor costs, and generate upwards of $135K/year in savings. Consultants and contingent workers including fractional HR management can be accrued differently than regular full-time employees and, as a result, are not recorded as fixed overhead. Our consultants are paid a monthly flat fee that doesn’t include burdensome benefits packages that a full-time employee would. 4. Lessen your financial burden As our client, you’ll never incur the financial burden of payroll and benefits. 5. Access our exclusive resources Once you’re part of our team, you also gain client-only access to FIT HR:
  • Automation systems, solutions, and tools to streamline HR workflows
  • Business partnerships—with recruiters, benefit brokers, coaches, specialty trainers, payroll professionals, diversity experts, attorneys, educators, compensation experts, subject matter experts, and advisors
  • A robust library of custom policies and procedures
Contact us now. We’ll discuss your needs and questions—and, if you see a FIT, develop a fully customized fractional human resources program at whatever level of engagement you prefer (i.e. 5, 10, 40 hours a week or month). A FIT HR advisor then becomes a member of your leadership team who’ll take ownership of all things HR.