Human Resources for Construction

Like any industry, construction has unique HR challenges. We’ve worked with dozens of construction companies and have seen it all.

Common HR Problems That We Address:

  • Poor Productivity
  • Poor Project Performance. ...
  • Skilled Labor Shortages. ...
  • Efficiency.
  • Workers comp -> return to work programs to reduce costs
  • Hiring, turnover/proper training
  • Compliance - ACA, OSHA, FLSA
  • Work-life issues, traveling expenses
  • Time theft/tardiness, etc.
  • Time off/benefits
  • Drug use - testing, rehab, etc

Not only do these issues hurt your bottom line, but they add extra stress to the management of a company. Our integrated HR services take over the burdens and risks of administering an HR program at a flexible cost to you (See: Fractional Leadership)

We can address these challenges in a few ways:

  • HR automation technologies (HRIS)
  • Employee Relations and Culture
  • Corrective Action and Termination / Separation.
  • New Hire and Onboarding Programs.
  • Performance Management.
  • Leadership and Employee Development.
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Creation / Development
  • Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management.
  • Workforce Analysis and Planning.
  • Benefits and Compensation.
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.
  • Retention of Talent.
  • Training and Development.

How We Helped a Seattle Area Construction Company Rethink Drive Times

For example, one of our construction clients (foundation subcontractor, ~40 employees) was over-paying thousands of dollars a month in road time expenses. We came in and implemented a number of data-driven systems and processes to identify the problem. We found that employees were double booking drive time, including lunches, taking strange routes, and being generally inefficient.

To fix this, we put a framework in place around drive time. This means that we implemented accountability systems for drivers and brought the fleet safety program into better compliance. Among other actions, we mandated ride-sharing, mapping protocols, accountability forms and excluded lunchtime from reimbursement. These early steps alone yielded $15,000 in savings the first year.

Our fleet safety program included policies around training, company manuals for drivers, incident reporting, and insurance adjustments that are less clear in cost savings, but reduce liability when a major accident happens.

Higher Sales Growth

HR Compliance Matters Too

While our main focus is on setting your company up for success by streamlining processes and reducing labor friction, we do keep an eye on compliance topics. Anytime that we can keep a company protected from expensive legal challenges, we can help owners breathe a sigh of relief. There are thousands of labor mandates across Federal/State/City/County governments that we help local businesses adapt to.

You Don’t Have To Build it Yourself

Instead, you can work with us in 4 different ways.


“During a period of incredible turbulence in HR leadership, FIT HR senior staff provided necessary stability and laid the foundation for some breakthroughs in terms of our ability to deliver HR services more efficiently. They were instrumental in creating an HRIS platform that I have been able to, in a very short time, set up an online benefits enrollment, an online onboarding system, an online recruiting interface, and an online review process. All of this, in my four months here, based largely on the work that they did in migrating our old data into a new system in a responsible and thorough manner. Couldn’t be happier.”

– Kevin, HR Director, Construction Industry

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