We see the opportunity to partner with you to help you become a Fully Integrated Team. Keep reading to learn more!


We see the opportunity to partner with you to help you become a Fully Integrated Team. Keep reading to learn more!



At FIT, we see HR as more than a safety net of compliance and problem-management. We see the opportunity to partner with you to help you become a Fully Integrated Team. Keep reading to learn more!

What does FIT HR stand for?

FIT stands for Fully Integrated Team. FIT HR reflects our distinctive focus in the HR consultancy marketplace: Unlike other HR firms, FIT HR delivers experts to your workplace who of course know HR inside and out—and who also know business. That means your HR objectives and your business goals are Fully Integrated. And that your growth-oriented company has the leadership, culture, mindsets, stability, and processes to perform at the highest level. 

At FIT, we get that most growing organizations can’t afford $200,000 to hire a top-tier, salaried HR executive. Hiring us for retained services is then a cost-effective and results-focused solution for realizing HR and business goals.

How do I know if we’re a FIT?

FIT HR is the right choice when you need a fractional HR team who serves as a true partner, vested in helping you realize more success across your entire organization. Who deeply respects your team’s wisdom. And who knows exactly how to unlock more of it—with courage, connection, and confidence.

Why will you help me when other HR consultants have failed?

Because we go well beyond serving in HR-related matters. Our highly credentialed and business-savvy consultants are also hyper-focused on ensuring the entire organization—along with all your customers and other stakeholders—succeed too. When the employee experience, together with ops, sales, marketing, branding, finance, technology, and customer service all work in tandem, the sum is greater than the parts. A properly functioning HR team will help you achieve more, with less stress. Faster, with less risk. This is not HR at the expense of business success. It’s the deliberate integration of business strategy with the best practices of HR.

What’s my role in our partnership?

As we begin, you and your seasoned FIT HR consultant will lay the foundation for our work together. Your consultant will lead the process with a custom HR road map—starting with high-priority tasks. At every turn, we’ll ensure alignment of HR goals with business strategy. And you’ll see how we generate the greatest results when you are actively engaged throughout in our partnership.

How do you balance short-term HR needs with long-term HR needs?

Such balance is at the core of our strategic mindset. It’s in our DNA. No matter where you are, we’ll meet you there. And then take you to the next level, with a palpable service mindset, and without judgment.

How do we decide what we do first? And next?

In our initial discovery call, we’ll learn about and honor what you’ve created…address the most urgent matters…and look for project gaps. Together, from this initial conversation, we’ll build a custom HR roadmap, noting short- and long-term goals, challenges, timeframes, and risks. Then we’ll meet regularly, and continually track progress in line with the needs of your organization.

What’s your business philosophy—and why should I care?

It’s to create healthy and safe work environments—vibrant cultures where everyone, and the business itself, thrive. This core tenant informs everything we do.

How will you help my company with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) efforts?

We believe every organization needs an intentional, personalized DEIB strategy. At FIT, we’re informed by our own DEIB experts, and by our premier DEIB partners. When you need DEIB support, we’ll listen closely to your objectives, and honor your goals. Then we’ll make a customized, culturally aligned introduction(s) to our most appropriate DEIB specialist(s). Together, we’ll all do DEIB right, and replace uncertainty with clear paths forward.

Can you still help me if the idea of HR keeps making me nervous?

Maybe you’ve been burned by HR. Afraid that as your HR consultants, we’re going to blaze in wearing hero capes, spouting all the answers. Nope. Not a chance. 

At FIT HR, we’ll live and breathe the value of a true HR partner—who helps you balance and optimize every aspect of your business: HR plus ops, sales, marketing, branding, finance, technology, and customer service. Try us on an hourly basis until you feel comfortable, until you start seeing results. Don’t worry—it won’t be long!