You’re looking for a great place to work.  We’re that place.


You’re looking for a great place to work. We’re that place.

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CAreers With FIT HR

We help people achieve their dreams. Lofty? You bet. Because our mandate is to fill your workforce with FIT: Fully Integrated Teams…so every member is ready and able to contribute their very best. Where do you FIT in? Check out currently open positions below.

Not seeing your ideal role? Let’s talk anyway.

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    HR Consultant (Flexible)

    • You’re an HR professional.
    • You’re looking for a great place to work.
    • You crave doing more of the purpose-driven work you’re built for.
    • You’re ready to achieve true work-life balance.

    We’re that place. You’ll FIT here, because:

    • The work you do is valuable, interesting, and rewarding.
    • Your continued development as an HR consultant is baked into our culture.
    • You’re a respected member of a supportive, collaborative, connected, and integrated team of HR professionals.
    • You manage your own strategic partnerships with small to mid-size business leaders, so you’re able to consistently make impactful differences.
    • You creatively leverage your depth of experience by serving small- to mid-size organizations who need fractional—and experienced—HR leaders.
    • You gain a true lifestyle job with flexible scheduling—so you can finally achieve work/life balance. You decide when to work—and when not to work. Our hybrid arrangement allows you to work from home approximately 75% of your scheduled hours.

    Pretty fantastic, right?!

    Our wish list of qualifications:

    • 15+ years of professional exempt-level HR experience
    • Proven HR business partner with strong coaching skills
    • Strong focus on process improvement, strategy, and HR automation
    • Solid written and oral communication skills
    • Proven ability to keep clients at the center of each interaction
    • Experience working with start-ups or small businesses
    • Strong organizational, inter-personal, and multi-tasking skills
    • Comfort performing tactical to strategic HR Able to travel as needed in your local area
    • Able and willing to forge strong relationships within the community
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred
    • HRCI and/or SHRM certification preferred

    See yourself FITTING here? We’d love to hear from you.


      Pay range of $55 – $65 per hour to start.

        FIT is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

        FIT = FLEX:

        We offer a flexible environment and schedule. Positions start at 20+ hours per week, and may grow to full-time in a short period. Ability to work at different locations and virtually, as needed, is required. (We do ask that you live in the Pacific Northwest.) FIT also offers medical, dental, vision, EAP + 401(k) with matching contribution and other perks.

        What our team loves about serving our clients

        our team

        {I love human relationships. Every problem or incredible achievement in a company stems from its people. The highest performing people on earth have one thing in common, they belong. And there's only one focus area in business where people come first, “Human” Resources. What I love? Transforming HR into a space where people in companies really belong and do come first. Where they’ll unite and fight for each other and their customers instead of being trapped in a workplace of fight or flight. Where HR isn't just human in name. As we say here, HR means Human Relationships with Human Results. That’s the HR I love.
        Paul Haury
        {I admire HR for its ability to navigate complex organizational challenges, finding innovative solutions that benefit both the employees and the company.
        Miriam Hernandez
        {Through HR, I love helping people grow within their career- both personally and professionally.

        Stefanie Broughton
        {I love working in HR because it gives me the opportunity to work closely with business professionals in diverse industries. Whether I’m helping to overcome unforeseen obstacles or celebrating the successes – I love it all and there’s never a dull moment.

        Jenna McCaffrey
        {I love helping employees and management improve the quality of their time spent at work. Sometimes that comes through having a difficult conversation to get to the root of an issue before it escalates. Other times, I support clients by developing policies or programs that reward positive contributions. I believe that one small change can make an exponential impact in HR.

        Laura Shelton
        {I love that as a consultant in HR I get to interact with a variety of people in different industries – and every interaction is a learning opportunity.

        Jane Martin Lynch
        {I love building relationships and trust within and across teams.  When people feel acknowledged, they bring their best selves to their work, and become a source of bold, innovative ideas.

        Sherrie Homer
        {HR helps people work together to accomplish great goals and constantly improve the world of work. Whatever the career, our places of work is where people spend most of their time, and HR is focused on making work adapt to new conditions for an improved experience for everyone.

        Bill Swan
        {I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others and have witnessed miraculous changes among the people and businesses with whom I have worked.

        Sandra Schafer
        {The positive impact we can have on individuals, organizations and their families.

        Amanda Mayo
        {Great Culture = Great Organizations.  I love Human Resources because of the significant impact you can have on company culture.  Throughout my career and most especially working with FIT HR I have seen many wonderful client outcomes that are hard to believe.  So much fun!  Very rewarding!

        Sheri Rogers
        {The opportunity to provide support, assistance, & information to organizations intent on wanting to take care of their #1 asset – their employees.

        Doug Schlicter
        {I love working as an HR Consultant as I get to help and support people in a variety of ways; no two days are the same.  I get to learn about different industries, personalities, and ways of doing business, and using my varied experience, help the people thrive which leads to business growth.

        Gabrielle Wilkerson
        {I love the evolution of human resources and the mental agility it requires. The HR profession is never stagnant and is in a continuous state of change from new employment laws to leadership strategies. I have often said that my job may be a lot of things, but it will never boring, and that has held true throughout my career.

        Kim Conant
        {I enjoy working with a diverse group of people and personalities, getting to understand their motivations, needs, and goals, and then developing and improving HR processes, policies, and programs for better performance and engagement.

        Dawn Barnes
        {What I love about HR is the ability to make a genuine impact on people and organizations. I love teaching new skills to managers and then seeing the positive changes trickle down to the entire business. Making a difference is a great feeling!

        Lisa Llewelyn
        {I have always loved helping people, learning, and generally just trying to make things better. HR provides the opportunity for me to combine and practice all three of those passions on a daily basis.

        Jennifer Braly