At FIT, we GET it. We’ve been there. And we’re ready to solve your most pressing challenges.


At FIT, we GET it. We’ve been there. And we’re ready to solve your most pressing challenges.

About us


“The team at FIT HR had a very common-sense approach to interactions with us from an operations perspective. Their people skills are strong and that’s some of what attracted us. I do believe that HR consultants are a commodity. I used to work in an HR department, and there are certain skill sets you must have, certain things you must know. It is commoditized. It’s important that appreciation for the social consciousness of an organization is there and that it’s woven into HR efforts. The FIT HR team embodies this.”


SVP of Operations and Legal, Healthcare Technology Industry

“During a period of incredible turbulence in HR leadership, FIT HR senior staff provided necessary stability and laid the foundation for some breakthroughs in terms of our ability to deliver HR services more efficiently. They were instrumental in creating an HRIS platform that I have been able to, in a very short time, set up an online benefits enrollment, an online onboarding system, an online recruiting interface, and an online review process. All of this, in my four months here, based largely on the work that they did in migrating our old data into a new system in a responsible and thorough manner. Couldn’t be happier.”


VP of HR, Construction Industry

“When FIT came in engagement was low, not a lot of trust in HR or leadership. Their coaching and mentorship leadership approach, has increased engagement dramatically – people are open, unafraid and energies are now at an all-time high.”


CEO, Healthcare Industry

FIT was instrumental in helping me get my first contracts, built my team and celebrated with me! When you have that attitude in business, it’s a win-win situation, and it’s just so much better.”


CEO, Professional Services Industry

“Just a note of gratitude to say thank you. The work you are doing is awesome. The team is grateful and appreciative. We’ve needed someone doing this for us and we’ve finally figured it out with your support.”


President, Professional Services Industry

“We wanted to let you know how much we enjoy having our HR Consultant as part of our team!  In the short time we’ve worked together, she has helped us navigate through many difficult issues and situations with her expertise, professionalism, and positivity. She has been proactively keeping us updated on new HR regulations while also ensuring our current policies are up to par with different state laws.  It feels great having someone we can turn to for trusted guidance and counsel. We can’t praise her enough!  We truly cherish the partnership and relationship that’s being built with FIT HR.”


Operations Specialist, Supply Chain Industry

“Our HR Consultant is fantastic! My team and I greatly enjoyed working with him as we sought to recruit and hire our first full-time employee. We are a small business without an HR department; he provided a vast amount of knowledge, tips, and advice throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process. He helped us craft a job posting, job description, and screening/interview questions. He was always available to answer questions and provided excellent suggestions; his assistance absolutely helped set us up for success in finding potential candidates for the role. We would not hesitate to work with FIT HR again in the future! Big thanks from us!”


CPA, Financial Services Industry

“We had a strong need for HR guidance because we grew too fast and needed expertise to right-size our business. They had an ability to talk through and understand our risk, managing our change in the most humane way, with the nicest layoffs on earth.”


Partner, Professional Services Industry