What We Do

At FIT, we see HR as more than a safety net of compliance and problem-management. We see the opportunity to partner with you to help you become a Fully Integrated Team. Keep reading to learn more!

Our Services

What We Do

Our proprietary process generates the results you need, when you need them:

Services include:

  • Fractional (Interim) HR Leadership
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Training: Management and Leadership
  • Training: Human Resources
  • Training: Culture and Talent Development
  • Ergonomics
  • Workplace Analysis & Planning
  • Employee Assistance Programs

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Our Services

HR Insider

FIT Into Leadership

This program is designed to change the way you think about and behave within your Human Resources career.

You will be challenged to approach opportunities that expand your capacity to lead:

  • With confidence from a place of authenticity
  • With resilience
  • With purpose
  • And, connected to a bigger intention for your career

It creates access to profoundly positive outcomes through your own new ways of being.

Learn more about HR Insider: FIT Into Leadership

Our Services

Fractional HR

The best of all worlds

  • dependable schedule
  • consistent price
  • superior flexibility

Among the first firms in the Seattle area to offer this service, FIT HR understands that sometimes, the cost of establishing a full-time HR department is prohibitively high. But most growth-focused organizations still need what an effective human resource director delivers. 

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Our Services

HR Consulting

  • strategies for growth
  • fresh ideas
  • new perspectives
  • greater confidence
  • peace of mind
  • authentic
  • humane

You’re great at leading, selling, strategy, capital allocation, and budgeting. You’re a master at your craft. But your stressful, overscheduled days may overflow with employee management, employment and legal research, and ongoing micromanagement. 

Instead, what if you could spend most of your energy on company growth? And be fully confident knowing that an exceptional, proactive HR consultant is at the helm to manage and harness all your human resources?

That’s the power of FIT’s HR consultancy.

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Our Services

Project Management

When you need the expertise or bandwidth to manage a project or a team to generate a specific result, FIT will provide the leadership, capacity, and time to conquer your priority projects, so you embrace critical opportunities and avoid risk.

Our Services

Crisis Management

In today’s litigious world, employees can be risky. Your company may face personal, relational, or even legal risk. FIT will help assess and navigate those situations with coaching, corrective action, talent-development plans, or even separation plans.

Our Services


Management and leadership

As crucial members of your team, your leadership will become more dedicated and effective, and your clients and communities happier and more engaged, via our proven training and coaching programs. We bring humanity to people and change management.

Culture and Talent Development

We’ll apply our many decades of experience with what healthy cultures look like to your organization ecosystem. Our custom trainings on team dynamics, team performance, and developing high potentials will significantly boost your culture’s communication, effectiveness, and overall productivity.

Our Services

FIT HR Wellness Program

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with 2Morrow Inc., a renowned name in the world of digital health and behavioral science!

Exclusive Offering for Clients of FIT HR

By being a FIT HR client, you and your team are immediately eligible to participate! We recognize that the health and well-being of your employees are paramount. Through our partnership, we’re pleased to offer the groundbreaking 2Morrow Health app to all your employees – at absolutely no cost to you or them.

Learn more about our Wellness Program offering

Our Services



Ergonomics focuses on the optimal design and arrangement of equipment—in both WFH and work-from-office environments—so your people interact effectively and safely within the workplace. Improving your company’s workspaces will boost productivity, employee satisfaction, health, comfort, and retention, as well as help prevent injury, lessen stress, and even reduce medical costs. You’ll add a total pro to your team via our affiliate relationship with ergonomics specialist with Michelle Wyemura Parker.

Workforce Analysis and Planning

Gain more insight and visibility inside your organization, better understand how people work, as well as diagnose and align your teams and their work behaviors to strategic initiatives.

Employee Assistance Programs

The scope of your employee assistance programs is crucial to overall employee health, and to maintaining strong retention rates in a competitive job market. FIT’s affiliate relationship with CoHear/BCS ensures your people—and their families!—have ready access to support around mental health, substance abuse, violence and safety, overall morale, or even personal problems. Implement the right EAP processes to optimize your company, starting NOW.