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Our Mission is your Vision

How we work with our clients is custom and specialized, based on where you are in your organization.

FIT– Discover, Collaborate, Design, Implement, Improve

Fractional-Interim Leadership

Project Management

Crisis Management

Whether we operate as your HR Director, or your VP of Human Resources, we participate as an active member of your team. We provide the mind-set and the leadership that a growth-oriented company needs to build a healthy company.

You may need the expertise or capacity to manage a project or a team to a specific result. We can provide the leadership, capacity and time to conquer priority projects that the business needs to embrace opportunities or avoid risk.

In today’s litigious world, having employees is risky. Situations arise where the company is facing either personal, relational, or maybe even legal risk. We can help you assess and navigate those situations with either coaching, corrective action, development plans, or even separation plans.


Management and Leadership

Human Resources

Culture and Talent Development

It all starts with the leadership team. We are adept at training, developing and coaching these key individuals to becoming the most engaged and dedicated they can be. The results lie in their healthy teams, your happy clients and communities.

We are particularly passionate about working with and developing HR professionals. Whether you want to fine-tune a specific competency or take our comprehensive HR Advisory Group program, you will see results that catapult you in your career!

With focused intention, we have zeroed-in on what a healthy culture looks like. We have trainings that focus on team dynamics, what makes a team unique and how to bring them together. We have trainings that look at awareness and development of high potential individuals and how to make them productive and engaged.



Workforce Analysis and Planning

Employee Assistance Program

Ergonomics is an applied scientific process focusing on the design and arrangement of equipment so that individuals interact effectively and safely within the workplace. This growing field has become increasingly important in promoting a healthy relationship between employees, their companies and the workspace they share. Stresses are minimized, prevented, and eliminated. The result is less discomfort, improved overall health and maximizing productivity. We have an affiliate relationship with Michelle Wyemura Parker who is a specialist in this field.

When you want to have more insight and visibility inside your organization and understand how people work, we have a data analytics program for you. This provides powerful, organizational intelligence on how people work and perform. It is the only fully visual analytics platform to diagnose and align your human capital and their work behaviors with organizational strategic initiatives.

Mental health is a real issue in our society and occasionally individuals need professional help with issues such as substance abuse, violence and safety, overall morale, or even personal problems. We have an affiliate relationship with Fully Effective Employees where we can help your people with their specific individual needs.

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