Press Release

Revolutionizing Employee Wellbeing: 2Morrow and FIT HR Join Forces to Empower Small to Midsize Employers

Press Release

Revolutionizing Employee Wellbeing: 2Morrow and FIT HR Join Forces to Empower Small to Midsize Employers

FIT HR/2Morrow Partner Announcement

Press Release

FIT HR/2Morrow Partner Announcement Press Release

Revolutionizing Employee Wellbeing: 2Morrow and FIT HR Join Forces to Empower Small to Midsize Employers

Kirkland, Washington, September 21, 2023

2Morrow and FIT HR have announced a strategic partnership to bring evidence-based digital wellness solutions to over 120 local and national small to midsize organizations. This partnership aims to address the growing demand for employee-centric wellbeing initiatives that foster thriving communities within workplaces.

2Morrow’s behavioral health platform supports people acting in alignment with their values and goals. Participants in the programs focus on what matters most to them, then tap into these personal values as motivation – driving meaningful change that they want to make. 2Morrow’s cutting-edge behavior modification platform has been adopted by major employers, states, and health plans, helping over half a million people enhance their overall health and wellness. Now, 2Morrow is extending its expertise to additional employers, providing them with an easily accessible and user-friendly digital health platform that merges behavioral science with technology to deliver evidencebased wellbeing programs directly to employees’ smartphones.

FIT HR’s mission aligns seamlessly with this initiative, striving to create workplaces where both teams and individuals flourish. The partnership’s focus on digital wellness perfectly complements FIT HR’s commitment to empowering employers to stand out in a competitive landscape, attract top-tier talent, and establish thriving communities within their organizations. With the evolving dynamics of employment experiences, employees are increasingly seeking a supportive work environment that prioritizes their wellbeing and fosters growth.

“We are excited to partner with FIT HR to bring our digital wellness platform to small to midsize employers,” said Jo Masterson, co-founder and CEO of 2Morrow. “Our evidence-based approach, combined with FIT HR’s dedication to fostering thriving communities at work, will enable these employers to provide their employees with effective tools for improving their lives and overall wellbeing.”

Amanda Mayo, founder and CEO from FIT HR shared, “At FIT HR, we believe that the heart of every successful organization is its people. Our collaboration with 2Morrow aligns perfectly with our mission to empower employers with the resources they need to create environments where individuals and teams not only excel but also find purpose and fulfillment.”

Employers often face challenges in implementing cost-effective and manageable tools for employee wellness, especially when competing with larger corporations. This partnership aims to bridge that gap by equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance employee wellbeing and create a positive workplace culture. By investing in their employees’ visions and values, small to mid-size businesses can leverage their nimbleness to drive healthy changes and build thriving communities.

Through this partnership, 2Morrow and FIT HR are poised to continue growing the landscape of employee wellbeing for employers, ultimately creating an environment where employees can flourish both personally and professionally.

About 2Morrow

2Morrow is a leader in digital behavioral health, providing evidence-based health and wellness programs to some of the nation’s largest employers, states, and health plans. Founded in 2011 by a nurse and a medical device engineer, 2Morrow’s vision is to increase access to care by combining behavioral science and smartphone technology. 2Morrow has helped over half a million people improve their lives using our digital health programs.

About Fully Integrated Team (FIT) HR

Fully Integrated Team (FIT) HR, established in 2010, is a human resource consulting company focused on redefining HR. At its best, it’s a Fully Integrated Team – a community of talented individuals deeply immersed to achieve a common vision within each clients’ workplace structure.