Fractional HR

The best of all worlds: dependable schedule, consistent price, superior flexibility.

Fractional HR

The best of all worlds: dependable schedule, consistent price, superior flexibility.

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Fractional HR

The best of all worlds

  • dependable schedule
  • consistent price
  • superior flexibility

Among the first firms in the Seattle area to offer this service, FIT Fully Integrated HR understands that sometimes, the cost of establishing a full-time HR department is prohibitively high. But most growth-focused organizations still need what an effective human resource director delivers.

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Fractional HR Leaders from FIT:

  • Become your external, impartial HR advisor for leadership, shareholders, and employees alike
  • Allow for adaptability and flexibility during periods of high demand, massive growth, disruption, turnover, and/or crisis
  • Bring extensive, HR-credentialed experience in providing fractional leadership. And whenever possible, are consultant(s) from within your industry.
  • Will step into the role directly—and adapt to your organization
  • Help attract and retain top talent
  • Design, recommend, and implement key HR strategies and incentives to improve your bottom line
  • Effectively manage HR services—either in house or outsourced
  • Deliver an independent HR perspective during leadership meetings
  • Develop and implement systems to help your organization scale
  • Create more calm, confidence, and competence across the entire culture
  • Provide coaching and consultation to all levels of your organization
  • Serve as the external face of your company, in roles such as vendors, a department of L&I, benefit brokers, and others

5 Additional reasons to hire FIT fractional HR leadership

Why Hire Us

1. Avoid costly regulation & compliance errors

Business regulation and compliance laws are changing constantly, and require significant expertise to navigate. Your fractional HR leader from FIT will ensure your company avoids costly mistakes—before they happen.

2. Stabilize work schedules & lessen leadership gaps

Leadership gaps are costly. When a current HR leader takes long-term leave, or your business cycle demands hiring beyond what you can handle in-house, tap our fractional-interim leadership program. You’ll fill the position immediately, and gain time to find a long-term solution. Costs trickle down too: One study found that nearly 60% of employees at the average firm considered an open senior leadership role an impediment to productivity.

3. Gain accounting & budget advantages

Tapping our expertise, you can greatly reduce fixed labor costs, and generate upwards of $135K/year in savings. Consultants and contingent workers can be accrued differently than regular full-time employees and, as a result, are not recorded as fixed overhead. Our consultants are paid a monthly flat fee that doesn’t include burdensome benefits packages that a full-time employee would.

4. Lessen your financial burden

As our client, you’ll never incur the financial burden of payroll and benefits.

5. Access our exclusive resources

Once you’re part of our team, you also gain client-only access to FIT HR:

  • Automation systems, solutions, and tools to streamline HR workflows
  • Business partnerships—with recruiters, benefit brokers, coaches, specialty trainers, payroll professionals, diversity experts, attorneys, educators, compensation experts, subject matter experts, and advisors
  • A robust library of custom policies and procedures

Contact us now. We’ll discuss your needs and questions….and, if you see a FIT, develop a fully customized program at whatever level of engagement you prefer (i.e. 5, 10, 40 hours a week or month). A FIT HR advisor then becomes a member of your leadership team who’ll take ownership of all things HR.