Tying HR strategy to Company Strategy


HR strategy

By Bill Swan, Principal Consultant

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else,” – Yogi Berra (Hall of Fame Baseball player).

All too often, HR stategy (and other functions) suffer from not getting clear communication from business leaders about the business plan or not being a part of the development of the business plan. This leaves HR people focused on the day-to-day without considering the bigger goals and direction. However, the best-made HR plans will tie directly to the company’s business strategy, the plan, and the goals specified. The company’s core purpose is central, while longer-term and shorter-term goals are defined and broken down into milestones. HR professionals can then work towards the objectives.

To gain meaning from the Yogi Berra quote, one must have a destination in mind. Without a clear goal, the end results will simply unfold without a strong argument that the result was not intended. Setting a goal is essential to have any chance of achieving it.

With a strong business plan, HR can justify investments in people and capital projects to invest for better outcomes. Efficiency can be sought for the employees and the business, saving time and resources. Regular updates on progress keep individuals informed and engaged in doing work that achieves goals and makes a positive impact.

When the objective involves company growth, HR can help enhance the organizational structure, improving the time-to-hire and onboarding experience, and aligning training and development programs with the growth trajectory. If the goal is to enhance resilience during a challenging period, HR can work to address operational efficiencies and develop strategic compensation plans. There are many possibilities, and these are just a few approaches HR can undertake.

If we apply this to our lives, we can ask ourselves, ‘Where do I want to go? What steps are necessary to get there? Who can support me along the way?” Verbalizing and working specifically on these questions is similar to the business and the role HR plays: “Where is our organization headed? What actions are required to get there, and in what order? What will it cost? Who on the team should be involved in the process?”

Tying the HR strategy to the business strategy will help deliver the best outcome and engage the HR professional in meaningful, targeted work.

If you need assistance tying your HR strategy to your organization’s business strategy, FIT HR is here to support you. With our expertise and experience, we are well equipped to assist you. Contact us today to get started.