Importance of HR Relationships with Employees


HR relationships

By Bill Swan, Principal Consultant.

Though we may be biased, we assert that, after senior executive relationships, HR relationships with the broader team is the second most important in shaping the overall employee experience and organizational culture. The human resource function takes the predominant position concerning all things people oriented. When relations are good, smoother operations exist in the day-to-day activities, providing the organization a better opportunity to reach its goals. Poor relations lead to decreased efficiency, increased costs, productivity losses, bottleneck formation, and a decline in overall performance. Human resources can intentionally build good relations with the employees by maintaining regular communication, being inclusive of others, and creating an atmosphere of trust.

Good communication involves being responsible for concerns, ideas, and feedback, sharing information, and asking for input. Communication is giving and receiving information from others in a variety of forms. Acting on important issues helps build trust and helps others know the role is being done competently.

Being inclusive of other’s ideas and views helps to involve everyone in the organization’s formation and encourages collaboration and team decisions. Everyone has value and should be heard. HR plays a key role in facilitating open communication and ensuring that voices are not only heard but also listened to.

Building trust involves responsibly treating people and information with respect and demonstrating value to people. Friendliness, empathy, competence in execution, and reliability are important components. Trust is vital, and once lost, it is challenging to regain.

Human resources impact every individual within the organization. The significance of the role’s relationships with everyone cannot be emphasized enough. If your organization could use some help or counsel in this area, FIT HR can help. Contact us, and let’s explore how we can assist in building a better place for everyone to work.