Getting Back to Business

Strategies for the evolving workplace

Since the onset of the pandemic, we've dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort focusing on how to address the unprecedented challenges faced by our clients' businesses.

FIT HR is here to help

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  1. Minimizing the risk of infection in the workplace
  2. Reviewing and modifying policies and procedures
  3. Ensuring mental health and wellness
  4. Recognize the importance of good ergonomics both in the office and while working from home
  5. Communicate culture
  6. Quick connect resources

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Strategies for the Evolving Workplace- Getting Back to Business


FIT- Fully Integrated Team

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Pre-Return to Work Training

Train your Team before they get back to the workplace.

FIT HR can help you with prepping your team to get back into the workplace with confidence, comfort and safety. We offer a Pre-Return to Work Training – Ask us more!

Need a "Safe Start" Return Plan?

Businesses are required to have a COVID-19 Exposure Control Mitigation and Recovery Plan and a number of other policies and tools. FIT HR can complete a Return to work plan, Mitigation plan, to get you back into the workplace.

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Fully Effective Employees

Fully Effective Employees has been providing EAP services since 1976 throughout Western Washington. FEE offers a personalize approach to confidential counseling, referrals, resources and employer consultation, ensuring your employees are always 'Fully Effective'. We are ready to assist you and your team through the COVID crisis.

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Acuity Counseling

For most employees, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of their jobs. Whether working remotely and facing the new challenges of blurred lines between work and home life, or continuing to work "in the office", managing additional stressors and duties surrounding coronavirus, employees everywhere are feeling the strain. Recent data reveals 45% of adults in the U.S. (an increase from 32.5% in 2018), report a negative impact to their mental health due to worry and stress (KFF Tracking Poll, March 2020). As an employer, this puts additional responsibility on leaders to support the members of your team in protecting, not only their physical health, but also their mental health. Historically, the workplace has not been a safe space for mental health dialogue. Fortunately, this is now changing, giving leaders the opportunity to not only talk about mental health and wellness with their teams, but to lead through action.

By creating a space for open, safe dialogue, and increasing awareness of available mental health resources through education, you can support your team in the short term through this COVID-19 crisis, and more importantly, develop the foundation for a resilient and productive culture which benefits everyone for years to come. We know this is uncharted territory for many leaders and we're here to help. We can provide assistance connecting employees with therapists for confidential, individualized care, support you in addressing mental health concerns among staff (burnout, stress, absenteeism, productivity/motivation and COVID-19 anxiety/depression) and provide education about how to best support staff in their mental wellness. We're here for you through this COVID-19 crisis. Please reach out for a free 20-minute consultation with our Chief Clinical Officer, Maggie Rodriguez; consults via zoom or phone call, whichever you prefer.

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Ergo Powered

Ergo Powered is FIT HR's trusted source for physical health and well-being. During these challenging times, Ergo Powered remains committed to helping employees and businesses succeed. As your work force transitions to working from home, your employees still need a safe work environment to avoid repetitive stress injuries. Ergo Powered will be offering Telehealth Ergonomic Consultations to help employees make adjustments to their work space(s) at home. As always, education regarding appropriate breaks, stretches, and stress management techniques will be included. If you are interested in discussing how Ergo Powered can help you, your business and your employees, please contact for more information.

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Heart Based Leading

Zooming to Better Human Connection and Success. There's a way to do your Zoom meetings that leaves you energized and better connected, where you provide the clarity and feeling your people need to move forward with trust and accountability.

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Dale Carnegie Trainings

FIT HR is honored to partner with our client to provide phenomenal trainings that are so relevant right now, an example of some of the on line trainings:

  • Powerful Conversations to Engage Your Workforce
  • Virtual Meetings that Engage
  • Expert Online Trainer Workshop
  • Leading Change Effectively
  • Adjust to Change
  • Annual subscription packages that focus on employee engagement, high potential leaders and customer service
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