Jim Dosch

Founder & Owner, Better Health Vision
Corporate Wellness Coach


Jim helps Leaders building high performance teams and engaged cultures through holistic wellness.

Jim has as BS in Computer Science/Mathematics from The University of Puget Sound and a Health Coach (HC) certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Jim also has continuing education through The Institute for Functional Medicine. He completed their “Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice” (AFMCP) course.

Jim has a unique mix of business skills with 20+ years in Services at Microsoft, 5+ years of Health Coaching experience, and 12+ years of personal experiences since his health transformation in 2003. In 2003 his transformation led to a team honored with Microsoft’s coveted, companywide, “Circle of Excellence” award. Jim saw firsthand the impact of health on results in a hardworking company. He overcame burnout, obesity, discouragement, and sickness and lead his team to do the same. That team achieved remarkable results over the coming years.

Jim left Microsoft in 2011 and founded Better Health Vision with the mission to create a community of companies with high performance teams and engaged workforces.

Jim delivers unique guidance for leaders equipping them for success with their individual health journeys and their company’s wellness programs. Transforming leaders and teams first gets the best results more quickly and sets up the future for success.

Jim is a lifelong student of holistic health and fitness. He enjoys running, hiking, playing golf, basketball and racquetball. He is a believer in the need for personal development and transformation. See more information at betterhealthvision.com.